In 1981, a task force of 55 private and public service agencies came together to discuss the homeless and other need issues in Toledo. From this, a subcommittee determined that there was a select group of the homeless population not being cared for -- single women with chemical dependecy.

It was for this group that Harbor House was founded. Ms. Glenda Wilson was hired as the first Director of Harbor House; a deed and title were received for a six bedroom house at 3322 Cherry Street in Toledo. With strong support of the Harbor House Board and numerous volunteers, the once abandoned house was renovated. With the asistance of a state start-up grant and other donations, Harbor House officialy opened on August 16, 1989.

Harbor House's target population are the indigent and low income females in recovery who lack a safe, sober, structured living environment, and who have a history of recidivism through the criminal justice and substance abuse systems. The vast majority of the women in our program have no income, and a few are receiving social security income benefits. All are below 35% of median income.

What Is Harbor House?

Harbor House is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of single women, and mothers with chemical dependencies. Harbor House provides a home for these women with a caring, structured and disciplined environment.

Harbor House specific programs, and collaboration with outside agencies Harbor House works to renew the lives of these women, through several programs, all in-house programs are conducted in a clean and sober environment. These women, who are working toward rehabilitation, are given the opportunity to re-enter society as a contributing member through a series of in-house programs, and referrals to programs offered by outside social service agencies.

  • Rehabilitation
  • Medical, dental and vision care
  • Mental health care, instructional and therapy programs
  • Housekeeping and financial training
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • GED preparation guidance for higher education
  • Job Readiness Classes (resume writing, and job interview skills)
  • Parenting Classes and Support Group