Harbor House is a transitional housing facility that offers a safe, sober, caring, structured, and discipline living environment, with programs and supportive services for up to eighteen (18) months. We are committed to empower the residents to free themselves of dependencies through personal growth and vocational development. Our job at Harbor House is to allow a resident to grow by learning and doing for herself, not to create a dependency on the staff, but for the resident to become independent. Our program will help them to develop the necessary skills for independent living as well as help them resolve problems that they are currently facing as a result of their past chemical dependency. Harbor House Plus Program is divided into two sections, the Developmental Program and Life Management Program. These in-house programs are set up in three phases, up to 18 months:

Each resident's length of stay is determined by the needs of the resident. Services included are: Case Management Services, Counseling Services, Parenting Skills, Housekeeping Skills, Life Management Skills, and many other living skills.

Project Goals: The women who come to Harbor House are not homeless and in trouble because they simply chose not to do anything constructive with their lives, but like everyone else made decisions based on the information that was available to them. Because of their addiction, their energies have been directed toward survival which has led them to become dependent on others for their survival. This program is designed to encourage the residents to redirect their energies toward independence. Education, accountability, and support are basic tools which are built into the program structure to assist individuals in developing more effective ways of living. When the program is complete, each resident's recovery will reflect a combination of these tools for change.

Project Design: Upon entering Harbor House each resident is responsible for designing her own personal life management plan, with the Program Advisor, and her own personal development plan, with the Case Manager. These plans are modified and updated as needed in the weekly individual sessions with the Program Advisor and Case Manager. The subject covered in our in-house groups and classes are listed below. They assist the resident in identifying the problems, and setting goals and objectives to address these problems.

Developmental Program

  1. Personal Development Planning - weekly individual sessions with Case Management
  2. Educational Development
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Referral Linkage
  5. Vocational/Career Development - weekly individual sessions with Case Management
  6. Community Involvement
  7. Creative Leisure/Sober Living Activities
  8. Independent Living Preparation

Life Management Program

  1. Goal Setting Classes (short and long term personal goals)
  2. Self Awareness Classes
  3. Recovery Awareness
  4. Time Awareness Classes (daily living skills)
  5. Family Sculpture Awareness
  6. Sex Education Classes
  7. Healthy Relationship Building Skills
  8. Big Book & 12 Step Study Group