Woman Smiling with White Teeth in Virginia Beach

Teeth Whitening Near Virginia Beach VA

Teeth whitening is the dental procedure of treating your teeth to remove persistent color. While some people see it as perfectly usual to have slightly colored teeth, many see it as a dental flaw. Besides, no one likes flashing colored teeth to a disapproving audience. It is naturally uncomfortable.

Note that some people may have naturally normal pale yellow teeth because of their genetics. Their genes make their enamel, which has a natural white hue, thinner than usual. This makes the underlying yellow dentin layer visible, giving out the pale yellow tinge.

Although your teeth may be persistently colored because of your genetic makeup, check out for some other factors that may complement it. They may include

• Smoking and chewing tobacco

• Brushing vigorously

• Brushing with activated charcoal

• Eating candy sweets

• Teeth grinding or bruxism

• Brushing with lemon or baking soda

• Using a toothbrush with firm bristles

Teeth whitening services

In-office bleaching

A dentist can conduct teeth bleaching in his office. The advantage is that every step taken is scrutinized by a professional so that no mistakes leading to harm or injury. So every time before you start receiving this service, you need to prepare yourself. You can do that by brushing your teeth properly and using lip balm to avoid dry, sore lips.

The general procedure used is as follows.

1. The dentist takes a shade measurement of your teeth.

2. After clipping your lips into position, they polish your teeth using pumice.

3. Afterward, they apply a special whitening gel with an active ingredient. They include Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide. Bleaching takes place within 15 – 30 minutes.

4. Finally, when the bleaching is done, the dentist assesses the results to determine whether you may need a subsequent procedure.

Take-home trays.

They are sometimes called custom bleach splints or stents. These are customized molds made by dentists that you are instructed to put on for about four hours every day for up to two weeks. They are fitted with transparent trays that are filled with a small amount of bleach solution.

Before you are offered one, the dentist is obliged to assess your overall dental health, treat any cavities or other conditions. This makes it a safer practice, and the overall results are just outstanding.

Over the counter whitening

You can whiten your teeth using this method when you are confident that you do not have other underlying conditions that may put you in harm’s way. Ensure you are treated for sensitivity, dark stains, or if you have never done dental restorations in the past or have many cavities. It is even highly recommended you consult with your dentist first before you start this whitening treatment.