Private Vs. Free Rehab: What’s The Difference?

If you’re considering enrolling in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you may be wondering what the difference between private rehabilitation and free rehabilitation is.


A private rehabilitation center is owned by an individual. In order for a private rehabilitation center to open their doors, they must comply with state guidelines on the operation of a rehab center.

Private rehabilitation programs typically have more available treatment beds, as opposed to free rehabilitation programs. Private rehab is evidence-based — Harbor Village provides treatment modalities that work. We keep abreast of the latest in addiction medicine and best practices.

Each private rehab facility will differ in treatment approach and psychotherapies. It is critical to visit each rehabilitation facility to ensure staff members, the environment, and proposed treatments align with your recovery needs.

Treatment costs are typically covered by one’s insurance or are paid out of pocket.


Free rehabilitation is typically offered by the state. The availability of treatment programs vary from state to state, as do the number of available treatment beds. Depending on the state, you may qualify for free or reduced rehabilitation

State rehabilitation centers strive to offer the same level of care as their private counterparts. However, because these programs rely on state funding, treatment beds and rehab programs may be limited. Additionally, waiting lists for free rehab tend to be lengthy. It’s imperative to research free rehab facilities in your state to place yourself on a waiting list.


Depending on the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, deciding between private and free rehabilitation boils down to a matter of treatment availability. The longer you wait to get help for addiction, the more damage the disorder causes, both psychologically and physically.

Untreated substance use disorders continue to decline and potentially become life-threatening. Waiting for drug rehab can be the difference between life and death.
Finding an addiction recovery center with available treatment beds, whether the program is private or state-funded, should take priority in getting help.